DANIEL KRAMB writes fiction and poetry.

Central (2015), his latest novel, tells the strange story of a London rebellion.

The Love Songs appeared in 2015. The poem In Those Windless Moments (2016) was written after travels in Palestine and Israel.

Timid Takes
(2013) is a collection of poetry. From Here, a novel, deals with climate change (2012).

In the Hackney-set Dark Times (2010) four Londoners collide at the height of the financial crisis.

Daniel's books are published by the Lonely Coot. He lives in London.


Look At Us

I'm looking for a stage director in her twenties to collaborate with me on a play about young people living in London right now.

'Look At Us' addresses the political situation, gender roles, class, and the influence of social media. It has been conceived to reach young people who don't usually go to see plays, and aims for its audience to leave the theatre feeling less alone.

Written in collaboration with the writer, poet and educator JJ Bola, 'Look At Us' portraits two young people - a couple, in their bed - who feel trapped by the current situation, with considerable effects on their relationship, sex life, alcohol consumption, and general wellbeing. The play features original poetry and music.

I would like to extend the collaborative approach of the writing into the directing phase, using a staged reading of the play to collectively shape the work further. Following this, we would cast and produce 'Look At Us' as a (possibly crowd-funded) profit-share project.

If this is something you could see yourself getting involved in, please write to daniel.kramb@gmail.com with a simple CV and a few lines on what excites you about the project.